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Green Biochemistry: Integrating Biomedical Ethics and Ethics of Environmental

Conference: 2nd International Conference of The Indonesian Chemical Society

ABSTRACT Green Biochemistry: Integrating Biomedical Ethics and Ethics of Environmental
Syaefudin Ali Akhmad
Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine Islamic University of Indonesia
Jl. Kaliurang km 14, 5 Besi Ngaglik Sleman
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Environmental damage and abuse of science for evil purposes has become a major issue and a major problem at this time in the era of freedom. Humans have lost control in the name of freedom in the use of science and technology so that the disadvantages of science and technologies are occured in daily life such as pollution and environmental crisis. The issue of environmental pollution due to the use of pesticides is one evident of uncontrolled chemical science or ethics-neglected practice of chemistry. The pollution has affected the biochemical reactions of various organisms, including humans that have an impact on health disorders. Another issue is genetically modified organisms as biochemical engineering product that will destroy biodiversity and potentially cause health problems in humans. Green biochemistry approach to integrating biomedical ethics and the ethics of environmental chemistry is expected to be a strategy in controlling the use of science and technology in which environmentally friendly and oriented towards the protection of human health aspects. Biomedical ethics principles and ethics of chemical environment can be considered in making decisions in the safe use of chemical compounds to create green world according to the credo 6R i.e. refuse and remove, reuse, recycling, and reduce as well as respect to others. This paper discuss material of green biochemistry for integrating biomedical ethics and ethics of environmental chemistry based on bioethics core curriculum of UNESCO and some experiences in several countries or some recommendations in related fields.

Key words: green biochemistry, biomedical ethics, ethics of environmental