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Moral and Character Education in Faculty of Medicine Islamic University of Indonesia Experiences of Student Perspective

Conference: Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education

ABSTRACT Islamic University of Indonesia (IUI) Faculty of Medicine (FM) was founded in 2001, had a vision in accordance with the vision rahmatalill'alamin (blessing for all) of IUI. The purpose of medical education in Faculty of Medicine IUI is to nurture highly competitive Muslim doctors having akhlaqul karimah (virtue ethics) in line with standarts of five star doctors of WHO. Medical schools do not only transfer knowledge and science but also embeded religious values (Islam) as the development of moral and personal character of a Muslim doctor. Moral and character of Muslim physicians include honest, responsible, fair, humble, helpful, appreciate others, sincere, patient and full of dedication and discipline. In order to shape the moral and character in Faculty of Medicine in IUI have been enacted curriculum that integrates aspects of the humanities, bioethics and religious perspectives in each block which students involved. Effort to embed moral and character must be done continuously since the early students at the undergraduate level to the professional level. In tutorial activities, students should be able to do tafakkur and tadabbur by integration between scenario of tutorial discussion with the value of religious (Islam). At the activity of medical skill training, students are trained to be familiar with the behavior that corresponds to the value of religious (Islam). Another factor in the formation of moral and character is a role model of tutors, assistants, lecturers, staffs and leadership at FM IUI. According to the student perspective and their experiences some of the activities students were very influential in growing moral and character Muslim doctors, such as field activities, public service (baksos), tutorials and assignments. No less important is the role model as best example of the academic and non-academic staffs (Lecturer, Tutor, Instructor Medical, and Employees). Character and moral education in FM IUI still did not yet optimal do both at the undergraduate and professional levels due to lack of uswatun hasanah (the best example as role model) despite often given mau'idhoh hasanah by staff or lecturer through short islamic sermon. Other activity to inculcate character of moslem doctor is done through mentoring by lecturer and senior students as well as staff non-academic. .
Keywords: moral and character education, Muslim doctors, student experience