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Pros and Cons Elyas Mosque Construction in West Ham London: Forensic Perspective

Conference: National Convention of Forensic Medicine & Science 2013, 3-6 June, Malaysia

ABSTRACT Almost more than 12 years for permission to build the largest mosque in London with a capacity of 12 thousand people, are still not issued by the council of the city of London without any conditions. So far the city council promised to give permission if the mosque builders to meet certain conditions in accordance with government policy of London city council. These conditions seem just as an excuse to reject the construction of the mosque is named Elyas Mosque. The requirement did not seem realistic as to provide a special location for shopping of one third of land with low price, making the access road (canal) to the underground railway, land access to film studies, and involve TRUST funding to build several buildings around the mosque as shopping center with a total value of project millions of pound sterling. Pros and cons regarding the construction of Elyas Mosque located next to the stadium Olympiad may continue until now among the general public, officials, courts, churches, the Muslims, the Christians and businesses player. This paper intends to provide a description and explanation of the pros and cons regardig the contstruction of mosques of Elyas from the standpoint of forensic science as impartial and beyond the vested interest. Data was collected through interviews by email against a range of stakeholders specifically to the judge, attorney and forensic expert from abroad and domestic. Other data was gained by downloading from website that all opinion pros and cons regarding this issue. 
Key words; pros and cons, mosque Elyas, forensics perspective