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Problem in the Use of Herb on Medical Practices

Conference: on International Seminar and Symposium “Use of Herbs for Prevention of Vascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases” in celebration Golden Anniversary of Brawijaya University, March 2013,

ABSTRACT Trend herbal medicine that has been like “mushroom” has caused doctors facing dilemma between the rigid disciplines of science or adjust to the demands of society. The doctor as a profession is bound to medical disciplines that are subject to the ethical and the legal practice of medicine. Doctors under oath will only provide treatment that proved beneficial for the patient and in accordance with up to date the development of medical science. The widespread of herb use in medicine have forced the doctor to accept or reject. Doctors should accept as a complement or alternative treatment and what criteria to take as complement or alternative to become remain selective on acceptance. As a result, some doctors provide herbal although less accompanied by appropriate scientific evidence based on evident based medicine (EBM). In the era of liberalism business aspects may encourage all people, including doctors to play in the free market. Consequently patients become a new commodity in the market place of herbal medicine that is sometimes equal with the placebo effect. Doctor who tended to take exact approach in the discipline of science must compete with the humanist approach of herbal medicine provider with a strong feel of subjectivism. Aspects of the business, social and cultural as well as scientific and even religion (spiritual) are mixed together and sometimes contradictory. Problem in medical indications, patient quality of life, patient preference factors and cultural influences are daily “menu” of physicians in treating patients, including the use of herbs. Problems of bioethics including four principles that is beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice and EBM supports including level of evidence have become a home work for the doctor to choose the best herbs for treatment in term of safety, efficacy and quality. 
Key word: problem, use of herb, medical practices